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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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events can sneak up on you. oh, i am not ready. can i have a couple weeks? [ female announcer ] but with yoplait light's two week tune up, you could be ready. you could lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks when you replace breakfast and lunch with a fruit, grain, and yoplait light. betsy bets. you haven't changed a bit. oh...neither have you... sean. well, yeah. [ female announcer ] go to to start your two week tune up. he hit her, she got underneath the car and they dragged her all the way down to the other block. >> dragged the length of two football fields. a young woman's fight to live and the new clues that could help find a driver who never stops. hello, thanks for joining us this monday night, i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aaguirre. who mowed her down? the san jose teen terribly
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injured and may never walk again. her family tonight fanning out across the city trying to catch the driver who put her in the hospital. tonight they're asking for your help. nbc bay area's george kitiyama is live with more. george. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. erica luna was hit right here in this intersection where you see this orange marking on the ground. the markings go for more than 700 feet north on fontaine road. that's how far she was dragged before separating from the minivan. >> i don't think they even bothered to slow down. >> reporter: jose is just grateful his sister, erica, is alive. the gratitude only matched by his anger. the family tells us erica was crossing the street early sunday morning when someone in a silver minivan or an suv hit her and dragged her for more than 700 feet before speeding away. that's the equivalent of two football fields.
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>> they just hit her. she got stuck somehow underneath the car. and they dragged her all the way down to the other block. >> reporter: the 18-year-old woman has a broken pelvis. doctors have told the family it's possible she may never walk again. >> didn't you hear my sister screaming or something? there's no reason not to stop. it's not a human -- you're not a human if you don't stop. >> if you have any information or your family or friends know any information -- >> reporter: luna's family and friends are passing out flyers and posting them on street signs and cars hoping someone saw the driver speed away. >> she means the world to us. she means everything to us. i don't want to see her in such pain. she's going through too much pain and suffering, especially from being dragged so far. >> reporter: now, the luna family is offering a $2,000 reward for any information. they really want the public's
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help in searching for this person, this driver faces a possible felony hit and run charge. a terrifying home invasion robbery has the santa clara county sheriff searching for answers tonight and also searching for a cache of weapons worth $1 million. a gang of at least three men forced their way into a home on rucker lane in gilroy. this was last night. the sheriff's department says the men were wearing ski masks, dark clothes and gloves. once inside the home, they beat the homeowner and tied him up and then forced them to give him the combination to his gun safe. the victim, covered in blood, eventually freed himself and went to a neighbor's house for help. >> he had a collection. he had them stored in a safe. i didn't know the quantity or  types or anything like that. i hadn't been inside the house. i had been back down to the house a few times. we looked at stuff he had for sale. he was a collector of a lot of things. >> reporter: the victim had a vast collection of guns
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purchased from all over the world. apparently many visitors he had including handymen and landscapers visited the home. they also stole the victim's truck which was later recovered. after a five-year hiatus, will the death penalty be resumed at san quentin? we might have an answer tomorrow. the federal judge who shut down san quentin's death chamber five years ago will tour the new facility in the morning. opponents of the death penalty fear the judge could give the go-ahead for executions to resume. our cheryl hurd joining us from san quentin prison. theoretically, if the death chamber has been suitably upgraded, then the death penalty will resume. are there other options here? >> reporter: well, there's a lot of other options. and it's going to have to go to court before anything will be decided. but an unusual move, raj, by a u.s. district judge to tour the death chamber. prison officials, lawyers and five news agencies will be alongside of him.
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but i did talk to the father of a victim who is on death row. and he is not happy about it. >> i think that any man that commits a murder like the one that killed my daughter and has 30 years to live because the lawyers are making money off of him by his appeals and everything. >> reporter: he's the father of a young woman killed back in 1981 by a death row inmate. he spoke to us by phone because he is too ill to speak to us on camera. after 30 years he is still waiting for justice. >> i just don't understand how our system has got to the point where a few people can more or less say all the rest of you people have to see it my way or there's not going to be any other way. >> reporter: there's a group of people fighting to keep his daughter's killer alive. about a dozen people many members of the faith community
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holding a small vigil outside san quentin prison. >> we're here to urge the governor to not spend $400 million on an upgrade of death row. >> reporter: but upgrades have already taken place. on tuesday, a u.s. district judge will return to san quentin for a tour of the state's new and untested death chamber. it was built for nearly $900,000. and designed solely for lethal injections. the execution was put on hold five years ago because it was determined the state's execution method was broken and lethal injections were inhumane. those against the death penalty say the governor needs to do something. >> the governor has to make decisions about the capital penalty system based on rational judgment, not on emotional judgment. >> reporter: so judge fogle will be there tomorrow taking a look at some of the things that he recommended to see if they were done. but a lot of real wrangling has to take place before the death
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penalty by lethal injection will continue. reporting live near san quentin, i'm cheryl hurd, bay area news. the search for google exec is over tonight. he was released today after spending 12 days detained in an egyptian prison blindfolded. he sent his condolences when he left to the families of the people who died during the protests. he helped spark the revolution with a facebook post and says he's not a hero. he says the real heroes are the people on the ground. his message didn't surprise his cousin who lives here in santa clara. >> the first thing after he was released was going to tahrir square again. he's not in it for the fame. he's in it to get his message across. and i think him going back there showing that he's not fearful of what he got arrested for or that he's afraid shows that he's a really good role model for what he believes in. >> he was arrested on the 28th
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of january. supporters say this video shows it happening. he says he spent his time mostly sleeping while in jail and that he's ready to get back to work on the street. inch wel well, here at home, concern about a cleanup along one of the most treasured and profitable tourist sites could be causing another problem. the cleanup of contaminated soil is not only bad for business but we have more on the clean up with. >> reporter: you expect to see fishing boats and seafood, not warning signs about dangerous materials. exxon mobil is cleaning up contaminated soil, and some neighbors worry the cleanup is putting out dangerous fumes. work crews soak up oil on the surface of the bay along kwi fisherman's wharf. the soil is contaminated by the farms in the '20s.
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in the oil the water is contained inside a barrier surrounded by booms. but people who work and play here say the smell can be. i'm, like, okay, this is a reaction. by the time we got out there, the fumes were wafting. >> reporter: the company has been here since the 1940s. angel and her family shut the doors in january. when they say the cleanup, noise and shaking were too much. they say diesel fumes scared them off. >> if i'm getting headaches and the like, there's something going on. >> reporter: she reported it to her air quality district. an inspector did notice the smell but said there's not a violation. the contractor for exxon mobil
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says they're within safety requirements. swimmers say they've noticed a small and in the water. when it smells like petroleum instead of fish, someone should take a closer look. they said they'll be monitoring the situation. jean elie, nbc bay area news. up next, he wouldn't friend him online. he wouldn't friend him in real life. tonight one of the biggest names in the silicon valley is being stalked by a fan on his own inventi invention. kitty sandboxes. what we found in some, in her
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own words. her harrowing storyies. record-setting temperatures. 77 in santa rosa. and san jose at 70. tonight, clear and becoming cold in the south bay. we'll talk about some wind and also rain in and when that rest and when that returns coming up. u
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this story's gotten a lot of attention. the 76-year-old american trapped in her egyptian apartment last week has now been rescued and is back on u.s. soil. mary thornberry was greeted by her son, phillip, on sunday. here's the video. he's the one who first wrote nbc news hoping to get help for his mother. as crowds kept coming to her door in egypt, she was protecting herself with a rolling pin and a knife. >> this knife is about like this, the blade is so long, hand-grip handle.
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i'd go back to my lazy la-z-boy. >> don't make me use it became your motto. >> that's right. >> mary unsure if she'll ever return to egypt, but she says she already missed it. cyber stalking gets real for facebook founder mark zuckerberg. tonight he has one person he definitely wants to defend. he claims he wanted to follow, contact and surveil zuckerberg and that he used threatening language. he also allegedly sent flowers and notes to the facebook founder. a hearing is now set for february 22nd.
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>> a jumpy house. the city saying not on our onlawn. the park recreation and open space commission veto claiming budg budget. it takes up valuable time that could be better spent. nearby communities have already done away with the bouncy houses. well, fever, nausea, vomiting, not what you want your child to experience afternoon a day in the park. but a redwood city woman claimed it happened to her and two grandk grandkids. >> high levels . those sandboxes have been removed.
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>> we went all over and collected from popular park ed may be headed for extinction. could he be sent home with bacteria that could lead to an infection? we collected from five bay area parks. mitchell park in palo alto, fremont park in santa clara. visitation valley . we sent the samples to an independe
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independent. the results came back negative. mitchell park in paolo alo alto 93 e. coli programs. ten times as in less than three per gram. how do all these numbers stack up when it comes to safety standards in? they don't. turnt he's the director of redwood
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city parks, and he spent two year years. >> he thought there was a bacteria or something in the sand. >> do 200 for e. coli. anything above that you consider un -- they didn't refute the test results but no records of any illness. they may have been recontaminated by a type of pet. they replaced two sandboxes with
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water features. >> e. coli is a big enough deal for little we hads in this park. watered-down classic childhood experience but that may be the future. redwood city is no longer adding sand woxs no. the number of children who get sick is impossible to know because the symptoms may not show up for up to seven days. the basic rule still applies. make sure your kids don't eat the sand and they repriceive. inch that's why the diaper hack has to have the test.
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stellar weather this past weekend to get out to those parks. today, it was warm and love average. squeeze hisibility acrohospital. not nearly as record setting or at least some cooling. once again, after 24 record-setting highs on saturday and also for sunday. now, 69 in fairfield. so tonight, temperatures are dropping out here in the east and the south bay. currently 47 in livermore. 50 in gilroy. and also 49 in san ha te'o. also finding wings back here.
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and we're also talking about rain but that's in our extended forecast till several days combining it with high pressure keeping it dry yet again tomorrow. but the circulation around this area of high pressure will not only breezy conditions behind that that will help temperatures. temperatures in the clear. low to mid-60s throughout the south bay. getting back to reality. dropping some 15 to 20 degrees from saturday and sunday. but it's closer to where we should being 83 on sunday to 63
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tomorrow. the seven, partly cloudy on saturday. then into sunday, mostly cloudy. it's in the afternoon and then you have to work next week. >> come back here and work the numbers with me. up next from msnbc ruling t ruling
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"the new york times" reports that booted msnbc host keith olbermann will be joining san francisco-based current tv. no word on whether he'll start here or be based in l.a. but his preps is expected to boost current's profile. it's currently only available to 60 million people nationwide. just a fraction of the total tv audience. but olbermann is known for raising ratings and controversy. he did it at msnbc, being suspended in november for making political contributions to candidates running in tight
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good evening. trying to keep a win streak alive. starting a game ice cold is killer. the warriors would eventually heat up hosting the suns. celebrating two birthdays. steve nash turned 37 today. while former warrior turned 29. and the party started with a blistering night of threes from channing frye. this one here made it 20-6. the warriors, they could not buy a bucket in the first quarter. but they tried to make it a game. monta ellis had 21 points. steph curry had 15. the light touch cut the phoenix lead to eight. on his birthday, nash the one with the gifts. 15 assists setting up frey.
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inch next up, the final game of the eight-game home stand. now, at the tank tonight, winning and losing didn't really matter. it was all about a good show. the first night of the s.a.p. opened. an exhibition match designed to be a crowd pleaser. pat sampras facing french han preva prevailed. more tennis from the tank throughout the week. the packers headed back to green bay, but aaron rodgers took his mvp award from texas to florida being the super bowl mvp. he enjoyed the day at disney world with whikmickey. perhaps one day they'll mix it up and they'll say, i'm going to
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say, great day for aaron rodgers today. we are coming back in moments.
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talk about a super bowl party. >> a california doctor invited to watch the biggest game of the year at the white house.
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how about that? the packers beat the steelers yesterday. dr. bill reliford of englewood, southern california, watched the game in president obama's private viewing room. how about that? three years ago reliford got the idea to do health screenings for underserved men at local barber shops. that got the attention of president obama. he was invited to watch the big game yesterday at the white house. other guests that were there in the private super bowl party, j. lo and reverend al sharpton. >> an eclectic mix of people, don't you think? >> i would have loved to have heard what they were talking about. >> i want to know what they served, too. >> "the tonight show" with jay leno is next. >> we'll see you tomorrow night. bye-bye. and now another "viewpoint, response to an editorial." >> last week we said people like us are the san francisco bay's biggest polluters, it's time we cleaned up our act and you
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agreed. our first viewer says how about plastic bottles? consumers want high-quality drinking water disregarding the fact that packaging, processing and delivery are far more polluting. bay lover believed it should be easy for residents to clean up their act, starting with banning plastic bags like san jose. keep it up. i found local packaging stores. and amy offers another great trip. just this weekend i made a trip to the e-waste facilities to get rid of old toxins. join us online at


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